8 Low Testosterone Symptoms

Low Testosterone Symptoms

No morning wood

When a guy’s suffering from low testosterone, one of the first things, he’s going to notice the disappearance of morning. Those random erections turns out they’re not so random. There are a great gauge of your testosterone health, because in the morning you’re naturally producing more testosterone. This goes to the brain and it tells it, produce more nitric oxide. This nitric oxide produces erections wonderful great. So in a roundabout way you have a morning wood. Is a great indicator that you’re naturally producing the right amount of testosterone.

Sex drive is going down

Sex drive is going down

The next time your testosterone levels are going down. Your sex drive is going down your partner. She looks amazing, she looks better than she did ten years ago. But here’s the deal. You’re just not interested as much anymore. I don’t have time for this. You’re busy with things you got life going on. But if your sex drive it’s disappeared, you could have issues with testosterone now there’s.

Memory Loss

If you’re dealing with memory loss, you can’t find your keys. You’re forgetting things, you could be suffering from low testosterone. And this is based on a 2008 study coming out of Harvard Medical School. What they found is that healthy exposure to testosterone through your 40s and 50s actually protected the brain tissue.

Feeling very tired all the time

We’re talking about being tired all the time, despite actually getting rest in eating relatively well being depressed, dealing with hair loss, dealing with muscle loss and even bone loss. We’re talking osteoporosis.

So at what age does all this hit me?

It doesn’t exactly work like that. There’s genetics involved is how you take care of yourself environment. But in general at age 30 what you start to see is a 1 decline in natural testosterone production. So for me I’m 43 years old, I’m probably at about 87 percent of what I used to be producing at age 30.

Nutritional supplements

When it comes to supplements, you want to make sure to buy from a company that you trust next up. You want to look at the ingredients, you want to find what works for you but in general we want to be looking like for vitamin D3. We want to be looking at Zinc. You want to be looking at Magnesium. They should clearly list everything that’s going to be in there.

Change the way that you workout

Change what you’re doing. You may be a distance runner that’s not that great for your testosterone levels. I know. I’m a recovering distance runner.

What’s better hits High intensity training ?

CrossFit and that kind of stuff it will do wonders for your testosterone levels. not your thing. then hit the weights, but don’t just hit the weights, hit them heavy, go for shorter reps, put more weight on the bar. They’re going to build up your testosterone levels next up.

Track your diet

A lot of guys think they have a healthy diet. You want to actually measure what you’re putting into your body, because you want to see exactly. Am I missing maybe magnesium which is in Spinach and nuts ? Am I getting enough of that zinc which we’re gonna find in oysters? there are so many foods that you probably want to add if you’ve got low testosterone:

  • garlic,
  • tuna,
  • beans,
  • yolks.

About alcohol.

Maybe you should consider cutting back, because the abuse of alcohol drinking too much can negatively affect your testosterone levels. And let’s not forget medications.


If you talk to your doctor about your low testosterone levels, have you been tested for it ? Have you talked about the side effects of those medicines that you’re taking ? You’ve been taking this for years. Maybe you didn’t notice anything, but now it is apparent that something is going on. Go see a medical professional, if this is the issue.

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