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What men can expect during their urologist visit

What men can expect during their urologist visit?

Some minor urological elements might be managed by a good primary care physician, he might treat or refer depending on his ability. Some of the common symptoms patients might complain of are pain, pain over the kidney, the bladder, prostate or testicle, urine tract, infections, blood in the urine kidney, stone disease, male infertility, testicular lumps, sexual dysfunction disorders like decrease in sexual drive, erectile dysfunction or rapid ejaculation and then prostate cancer screening. Some of these symptoms might be minor and easily treatable, but it can be of serious underlying cause and needs attention. Importantly trust your urologist you.

When To See A Urologist

Why do you even need to go see a urologist?

Because some patients have issues with urination, issues with erectile function or sexual function, issues with their testicles or their kidneys, or have any sort of concern for screening for prostate cancer or have been diagnosed with a kidney, bladder or genital cancer. Also, we see a lot of men who come in with blood in their urine to make sure there are no dangerous problems that have caused blood in the urine.

When you come to the urologist, you will first just talk to us about exactly what's going on. I see it all the time that initially men are sometimes uncomfortable sharing openly. But I encourage you all to realize that this is what we do day in and day out and feel very comfortable talking with you about any issue that you may have trust me. We've heard it all, and we're happy to help you in any way that we can.

After your discussion, we will do a basic physical examination which will include tapping on your back to assess for any kidney pain. We will examine your abdomen for abnormal masses or a very full bladder, and we will do a genital examination.

Why do we do a genital examination?

We want to see, if there are any plaques, masses, lesions, or things that you may have missed or may not realize, are down there, or may be embarrassed to tell us about.

We'll look at the Urethral meatus where you urinate from will also palpate the shaft for any plaques or abnormalities, and we'll examine the testicles to examine for any masses or other abnormal things in the scrotal area.

What to expect when you see a urologist?

We will typically do a digital rectal examination and if that is essential, we will examine through the rectum and palpate your prostate to see for the size of the prostate to assess for any masses or lesions, or tenderness that may be a sign of infection.

We may do other parts of an examination as well and depend on what you're there. For we may include certain things or exclude certain things from our examination, but for most of my patients that is the basic examination that they get after your exam, we will then talk to you about what we think your diagnosis is and discuss treatment options based on that. It helps us if you have a clear. The idea of what your goal is from our visit if it's simply for screening, is very clear and easy. But if you are coming to see us because you're having urinary problems and your goal is to wake up less at night, make sure you tell us this is the thing that's bothering me most, because sometimes there can be a lot of different issues, and we want to make sure that we are focusing on getting you what you want out of your visit.


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