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Before and during the treatment regularly Capoten drug should monitor renal function. In patients with chronic heart failure Capoten should be used under close medical supervision.With the use of ACE inhibitors is marked characteristic nonproductive cough, stops after discontinuation of ACE inhibitors.

In rare cases, the use of ACE inhibitors, a syndrome marked beginning emergence of cholestatic jaundice, fulminant gepatonekroz in passing, sometimes with fatal consequences. The mechanism of this syndrome is unknown. If a patient receiving treatment with ACE inhibitors develop jaundice or marked a pronounced increase in liver enzymes should discontinue treatment with ACE inhibitors and install the observation of the patient.

Some patients with kidney disease, especially those with severe renal artery stenosis, an increase in the concentration of urea nitrogen and serum creatinine after reduction of blood pressure. This increase is usually reversible after discontinuation of therapy with hood. In these cases, you may need to decrease the dose of the bonnet and / or cancellation of a diuretic.

Against the background of the prolonged use of the drug Capoten approximately 20% of patients have an increase in the concentration of urea and serum creatinine of more than 20% compared with the normal or baseline value. Less than 5% of patients, especially in severe nephropathy, requires discontinuation of treatment due to the increase in creatinine concentration.

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